Reasons To Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software


mSpy is an advanced cell phone monitoring tool for computers, smartphones and other devices. Once installed on a target device, the software can record all activities that take place and provide you with complete details. This includes call details, photos, videos, email and text messages and keystroke logging among many other features that are outlined below. Why might you need a tool like this one?

Today the internet is an integral part of our lives: we use it at work and during our leisure time. In fact, given the massive adoption of smartphones and other similar devices (it is estimated there will be over 15 billion by 2015) for communication and accessing the web, it can be said that the internet is with us almost every moment of the day.

This increased connectivity, however, does have some negative aspects. Children, in particular, face new dangers online including viewing inappropriate material and being subject to bullying or stalking. Businesses are at risk when employees use the internet for personal activities, to steal or allow confidential information to be released. The answer to these issues is to install monitoring software to ensure that this does not happen.

This is, obviously, highly intrusive and the company makes a point of saying that the software should only be used where it is legal and ethical to do so. In the case of children, parents have a legal right (some say a moral requirement) to be able to eavesdrop in this manner. In fact, some people think that if parents are not fully aware of what their child is doing on the internet, both on a computer or phone, they are falling down in their duty of care to the child. Any parents would prefer to know what was happening in their child’s life – particularly during their formative years.

In the case of employees in a business, they must be informed in writing that their computer usage will be monitored. Many businesses make this a condition of employment and people generally accept that work devices should be used for work only. With digital access coming from a wide range of devices it is important that businesses control every aspect of their security – including and especially the human aspect.

The advantages of this type of monitoring software, however, are many; it means that both parents and business owners can have peace of mind knowing that devices they have provided are not being used inappropriately. Ask yourself, for instance, if you would rather not know that your child was starting to experiment with drugs or viewing pornographic material. If you own or run a business, ask yourself whether you would rather be unaware of theft by employees taking place or the communication of sensitive company information.

Cell Phone Monitoring – How it Works


Signing up for the mSpy service is fast and easy. All you need to do is go to the company’s website and purchase your membership period. An application is downloaded to your computer after which you complete a simple installation process.

Next you’ll need 5 or 10 minutes unrestricted access to the target device so that you can install the mSpy monitoring software. The provided app operates in the background and is not visible to the user; it also does not generate any sounds or notifications that might alert the target.

The program provides you with a dashboard from where you can control all monitor settings and view all activities on the target devices on which you have installed the monitoring app.

cell phone monitoringMonitoring For Computers


mSpy provides a comprehensive suite of tools for monitoring everything that happens on a computer on which it is installed. Operating totally in the background means you can keep an eye on your children’s surfing habits or make sure that your employees are not wasting company time on non-work related activities.

mSpy periodically takes screenshots of the computer so that you can see exactly what the user has been doing. It means that you are fully informed of what programs and applications are being used and what it being surfed on the web.

Keylogging is another important feature that lets you see every keystroke made by a user including search terms that have been entered in a browser, chat messages sent using instant messaging applications, contents of emails, text entered in word processing and so on. The keylogger feature enables you to check whether your children are having any inappropriate contact online and whether your employees are revealing confidential information or simply wasting company time.

mSpy provides comprehensive information about a user’s activity including: exactly how long they are active during a given session (by showing timestamps for login and logout), which applications and programs they used and how long they spent using them. By providing historical statistical reporting of usage, you can get an overall picture of how the computer has been used over time. This enables you to ensure that no employee is abusing the company’s time or compromising sensitive data.

mSpy_for_phone_2Monitoring For Smartphones


mSpy takes advantage of the advanced features available on smartphones to provide mobile monitoring of phone devices including the use of GPS functions to determine a phone’s location. mSpy smartphone monitoring features are described below.

• Monitor Calls

The program allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and block calls from any phone numbers you specify. It displays a timestamp and the duration of the call as well as the contact name associated with the number if it is set on the phone.

You can also read SMS text Messages, Viber, Emails, other web messaging services and any other multimedia messages sent by the target phone. These will be recorded regardless of the fact that they may have been deleted on the target phone.

• View GPS Locations

The monitoring software can also be used for cell phone tracking by recording the GPS location of the target device at all times so that you know exactly where it is located. From your control panel you can instantly see the whereabouts of the target phone on a map as well as check its route history over a specified time period.

A new geo-fencing feature allows you to set specific GPS boundaries on the phone that, when crossed, results in a message being sent to you. This can be particularly useful for monitoring children to ensure that they are where they say they are or to verify that employees’ excuses for lateness, such as being stuck in traffic for example, are true.

• Monitor Internet Browsing

View all URLs visited by the target device and check complete browser history including which sites have been bookmarked by the user. An important feature of the software is the ability to block specific websites from the user so that they cannot access inappropriate material.

• View Calendar and Address Book Entries

You can check every contact entered by the user in their phone address book and keep track of events posted in the phone’s calendar activities.

• Read Instant Messages

One of the most useful features of the software is its ability to record instant messages sent and received by the target device. This includes apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, social network messaging, Viber and even SnapChat. Note that in the case of SnapChat images and messages are still recorded even though they are deleted automatically by the app after a specified time period.

• Control Access to Apps and Programs

Using the software, you can control the apps and programs to which the target device has access, thereby ensuring that no unauthorized activity is taking place. You can check which programs and apps the target device has installed and selectively block those that you wish to restrict access to. The keylogger feature of the software also automatically records all keystrokes made by the user in programs or apps.

• View Multimedia Files

Cell phone monitoring software allows you to access all photos and videos that have been taken by the device. Each time your child or employee takes a photo or creates a video it is automatically uploaded to your account and accessible through your dashboard.

• Control Device Remotely

If you’ve ever lost or had your phone stolen you’ll appreciate the ability to remotely lock the target phone, erasing all data on it, be provided with additional phone information through a control panel interface.

• View Comprehensive Reports on Device Activity

Finally the software comes with powerful reporting tools that enable you to produce comprehensive reports with the monitoring data. This is useful for businesses or individuals who track multiple phones and need an overview of monitored activity. For example, you can create reports ordered by device, a user or groups of users, a specified activity and so on.

Conclusion and Review


In general, mSpy reviews are positive with satisfied users; something which you would expect from a company that has millions of users. There are some compatibility issues with various types of devices and users should remember that they’ll need to either root or jailbreak a target device before the monitor can be installed. The company, does, however provide comprehensive 24/7 support either over phone, Skype or live chat from the website. Overall mSpy is a cell phone monitoring app that has an unmatched feature list and is arguably the number one product in this area.

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