Innovative Software Lets You Monitor Your Company And Home PCs


There are myriad reasons to monitor our computers, from protecting your children to tracking your staff’s computer usage. Computer monitoring software is an excellent tool to give you the data you need to control your home or business computer use.

Workstation Monitoring for Business


It is vital that you are aware of how your staff is using your company resources. Mindless Web surfing saps productivity and steals time that is normally devoted to work activities. If members of your staff access offensive content using company computers, you can be on the hook for harassment lawsuits.

Not only can monitoring company computer usage can help you to avoid wasted time, it can stop employees from using the PC for more nefarious purposes. Employees have been known to steal customer data, share confidential information and compromise trade secrets. By monitoring their usage, you can protect your company and increase productivity.

Computer Monitoring Software for Home Computers


Monitoring your home PC can deliver a wealth of information, and give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your family. If you have teenagers in the home, monitoring their Internet usage is vital. By tracking their activity on social media and in chat rooms, you can keep them safe from predators and stop them from engaging in dangerous behavior online.

With computer monitoring software, you can find read emails, sit in on instant message chats and view dating site activity.

How PC Monitoring Software Works


When you install computer monitoring software on your PC, you will be able to track all activity on that workstation. You can monitor Internet use and view screenshots of each site visited. You can set the software to take screenshots at pre-determined intervals, creating an interactive snapshot of computer usage at a glance.

With keylogger capabilities, you can covertly track keystrokes, login data, sites visited and email activity. Easily discover how much time is spent on each site and find out what time of the day your target is accessing these sites. Cross-reference email activity with phone records, text messages and other forms of communication to build a stronger case.

Application tracking will allow you to view exactly what applications are used by each user. If the user is spending unusual amounts of time in chat applications, using photo editing programs or viewing video apps, your monitoring software will uncover this activity.

The computer monitoring application runs discreetly and does not alter the user’s experience in any way. There is nothing on the screen that will alert the user that they are being monitored.

In addition to monitoring activity, you can generate custom reports that will allow you to view historical data over time. Many people have used the results of PC surveillance software during divorce cases in order to prove infidelity.

Best Practices When Using Computer Monitoring Software


While software that monitors computer usage is helpful in gathering data, the best way to avoid computer misuse in your company is to inform employees that they will be monitored. Many companies include a section in their employee handbook that states that the company reserves the right to monitor all employee Web and computer use.

Use blocking software to restrict certain sites in order to further reinforce your authority. You can block sites like social media sites, video watching applications and adult content. Include sites that employees often use to “waste time” at work and watch your company’s productivity increase.

computer monitoring softwaremSpy PC Surveillance Software for Work and Home Computers

mSpy is the industry leader in computer monitoring software, and is one of the best tools that you can use in computer surveillance. No longer do you have to peek over your employee’s shoulder to make sure he is working. With mSpy software, you can remotely monitor your computer’s activity from anywhere in the world.

Compatible with both PC and Mac computers, you can install the mSpy software on one or all of your workstations. Excellent for network administrators, security specialists and managers, mSpy software allows you to protect sensitive workplace data and ensure network integrity.

Not only will monitoring your staff’s computer usage protect the company from potentially harmful data breaches, it will increase productivity and employee morale. When hard-working employees see other staff members wasting time surfing the Web at work, they may become discouraged and work less. By monitoring your computer usage, you will create a more cohesive team environment that encourages productivity.

Parents love mSpy software because it helps them to track their child’s Internet and computer activity remotely. Log in from your work computer and see exactly what your teen is doing online. With the ability to create custom reports, you never again have to be in the dark about your child’s computer usage.

The best computer monitoring software on the market, mSpy provides a custom solution to all of your tracking needs.

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