What Exactly Is mSpy?


With more than 1,000,000 people all over the world using mSpy, you would be hard-pressed to find another mobile monitoring app as popular as this one, anywhere on the market. mSpy is a top-class cell phone tracking application, able to log into anything on a cell phone, including emails, text messages, WhatsApp chats, call history, and a whole lot more.

Meant specifically for keeping a check on the online/offline activities of your employees and children, this mobile monitoring app, combined with day and night client support, a control panel which can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection, as well as above average stealth, means that you have one of the best cell phone monitoring products around today.

There are countless positive mSpy reviews about this amazing product, many of them from relieved parents who, with the help of mSpy, kept their children and other family members safe from drugs and other dangers of modern life. Many business owners, too, speak highly of this cell phone tracking app, most times mentioning how it helped them to keep abreast of unscrupulous employees in their companies, and dismiss them before they had the chance to do the damage they were intent on causing to the company which they worked for.


The benefits of mSpy to both parents and employees are numerous, and include:


1. Receiving, in sequential order, any incoming or outgoing calls, including the time the call was made or received, its duration, the number of calls to and from that number and, provided that they were saved on the cell phone, even the name and number of the contact

2. Restricting incoming calls by blocking an unlimited quantity of telephone numbers

3. Being able to read any text messages received or sent from a specific cell phone

4. Being able to read the content of all incoming and outgoing emails, including their date and time and, provided the information was saved in the address book, the name and email address of the recipient/sender, as well

5. Monitoring the whereabouts of your child or employee at all times on a comprehensive map directly from your control panel, even when GPS is not available

6. Being able to monitor and keep a record of all websites visited by your child or staff member


7. Being able to check which websites are bookmarked and visited most often

8. Allowing you to block access to any websites which you feel are harmful to your child, or are in contradiction with your company policies

9. Allowing you to log into and monitor all calendar activities on the targeted cell phone, and see every entry made on that cell phone’s calendar, including meetings and all their details

10. Allowing you to check all the contacts in your employee’s or child’s address book, and also giving you the opportunity to see other details such as emails, addresses, as well as the professional positions of contacts on your employee’s cell phone.

11. Keeping a check on and recording all activities from Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, or iMessage on the cell phone in question. Snapchat, the photo messaging application which has become a favorite with many of the younger generation, is another one that you can monitor very easily with the help of mSpy

12. Allowing a specific cell phone to be turned into an effective bugging device. Sometimes your child or a staff member is behaving in a suspicious manner at home or in the workplace, and you need proof to be able to confront them in a constructive way. This feature of mSpy will definitely give you the hard evidence you’re looking for.

13. Giving you the ability to take photos remotely with the targeted cell phone. This mobile monitoring feature will take photos automatically, every time the phone is unlocked. Since there is no flash or sound when photos are taken, the user is completely unaware his or her phone is being used to take photos

14. Allowing you to monitor all installed applications, and manage what the user can or cannot access, by blocking those which you deem unsuitable for either your children, or your business, when an employee is involved

15. A keylogging feature, which will allow you to read any messages which are tapped out on the keyboard of the cell phone which you are monitoring

16. Mobile surveillance software, which will allow you to see any videos and photos saved on a cell phone. The minute your employee or child takes a photo or records a video with their cell phone, they will be uploaded to your mSpy account immediately

17. A device wipeout feature, which is useful if the targeted cell phone is lost or stolen, and you want to make sure that the data installed on it does not fall into the wrong hands. The command to wipeout a cell phone can be done from your control panel, but as this action is irreversible it is highly advisable to use it in emergencies only.

18. A device locking command, which comes in handy in the event that the cell phone is lost or stolen, to make sure that any sensitive information on the cell phone, does not get into the wrong hands. This command can be activated from your control panel, no matter where the cell phone is located, and can be used instead of the device wipeout feature

Apart from all the above benefits of using this cell phone tracking app, it also allows you to see extra information about a tablet or Smartphone, such as whether the battery needs charging, the name of the mobile user, as well as the type of internet connection being used.

The control panel is a combined storehouse and control center which allows you to view, block, manage, and track every activity that takes place on a particular cell phone. You can also create complete reports on a variety of situations, which is extremely convenient if you need to monitor a few devices at the same time. Once you have set the software to your specific needs, you are able to examine the information within minutes.

At mSpy, there is a customer support system which is available 24/7 and can reach via Skype, live chat, or their toll-free telephone number, should you ever run into problems.


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