Cell Phone Tracking


For those who are in search of high-quality cell phone tracking software, mSpy offers a discreet and helpful mobile monitoring application that will keep track of your employees, children and anyone else who has used your cell phone or computer. Thanks to this handy cell phone tracker, you’ll be privy to everything from where your kids are really hanging out to the calling and texting habits of those who have been using a work mobile. This knowledge can be used to ensure that your family members stay safe from harm, or it can serve as an initiative for a more productive environment at work. There’s no question that mSpy is a real game-changer for anyone who wants to stay on top of the activities of their kids or their on-the-clock employees.

Users can download the mSpy application quickly and easily on their phone or computer, making it easier than ever to install a monitoring system discreetly. In fact, there’s even a Discreet Mode that can be used to keep the fact that the application is on the machine and operating private. There won’t be any pop-ups or other notifications alerting users to its presence, so that you’ll get a more realistic look at what the device is being used for. The software offers a number of useful features which parents and employers will appreciate for their ease-of-use and comprehensive nature.

cell phone trackingCell Phone Tracking & Fencing

mSpy’s GPS tracking feature will not only allow you to see the current location of your children, it will also show you where they were at any given time. A map indicates precisely where they are clearly and accurately, so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family is safe. Managers can also see where their employees are at all times, dramatically reducing the odds of theft of company time or equipment.

The mSpy GPS tracker works even when other GPS software doesn’t, for the most reliably consistent information possible. Meanwhile, data from the GPS tracker is accessed through your personal Control Panel, which allows you to view it at your own discretion.

One of the application’s newest features, GPS fencing, lets the user set locations which are safe, as well as zones that are restricted, prompting an email alert anytime that the monitored device enters or exits one of these predetermined locales. For instance, you can make your home or your child’s school a safe zone so that you’ll receive a notification if they leave these areas at a time that is out-of-the-ordinary or unexpected. This feature can also be a useful way to make sure that your employees aren’t visiting the competitors or wasting company time in places that you haven’t authorized them to be.

Monitor Calls, Texts & Emails

With mSpy software at your service, it’s easy and convenient to see all of the calls that have been both made and received, as well as when they were made and how long they lasted. You’ll get the phone numbers of callers and their name as it’s been saved in the contact list of the phone that you’re monitoring. When text messages are sent or received, you’ll have all of the same information available anytime that you want to see it, but with the additional capacity to access the content of the message. These tools can have a big impact on the security of your company and allow you to cut down on harmful leaks about confidential business matters.

Parents can also get a better idea about what’s going on in the lives of their kids and ensure that texts with inappropriate or bullying messages are handled before they become a problem with mSpy’s call and text message monitoring.  Even better, they can restrict incoming calls on the device from any number and they can do it easily right from their mSpy Control Panel, avoiding any potential dramatic scenes. There’s no limit on how many phone numbers you can block either, so if your teenager’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd, it’s within your power to block the individual phone numbers of the whole crowd without any trouble at all.

Monitoring emails is also as quick and easy as simply accessing your mSpy Control Panel. You can see the contents of email messages in the Inbox and Sent folders of the device, giving you the power to stop any nefarious attempts by competitors to steal your employees or your trade secrets. This feature also offers a clear and chronological history of the work habits of your staff, which is an imperative to your ability to evaluate their overall performance.



Monitor Internet Use

mSpy’s internet monitoring feature shows you a list of all of the websites that your employee or child has accessed, with a time and date stamp to verify when they were there. See which pages have been bookmarked and how often a site has been visited in a day. You can also block websites from your Control Panel, offering you even more control over how your devices are being used when you’re not around.

With new software that allows you to view which Wi-Fi networks your device has connected to gives you a more thorough record of where it has been. As the device automatically connects to various Wi-Fi hotspots, you’ll be better able to track its movements throughout the day. This means that regardless of whether or not the GPS function is working, the whereabouts of your child or your employee will always be available.

With all of these features and a whole lot more at your disposal when you download mSpy, there’s virtually no downside to using cell phone tracking to protect those you love and those you employ.  It only makes sense that by keeping a watchful eye over the location and communication of anyone who’s using your devices, you’ll be better equipped to manage your work and family life much more effectively. Now mSpy has made computer and cell phone tracking more simple, faster and easier than ever before.

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