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  1. A really handy tool when you want to get some “hard” evidences on somebody who has got under your cloud of suspicion.

  2. OMGoodness, you cheaters better watch out! This app is awesome for those who want to catch a cheater in action,lol.

  3. Hey Guys 🙂 Just came to give a positive review! I personally use mspy for personal phone security due to a legal issue from me letting others use my phone, but mspy has many MANY other great uses or applications. Like its intended purpose you can use it to figure out if your Significant Other is really that significant. Or if you are a business owner you can use it to both track lock and ensure the phones you give out to your employees are not being used for any other way then intended. 5 Stars in my book guys! IM SHARING!

  4. It is really awesome video.way to catch the cheater.well, I used mspy app and I highly recommend. Especially if you suspect your boyfriend of cheating.

  5. how it works? my girl staying overseas how do i install this app on her phone? i dont want she knows what im doing. help me

  6. I really like your opinion on that. I also had some questions of my own for you if you don’t mind? I left my email to know if you want to email him. It would mean alot coming from someone like you.

    • if you put your email on the app? Is it because you’ll be able to reply or what? I’m just curious.

  7. Wht cn I do seriously I dnt understand hw cn I install dis app on his phone….n hwz itz wrk?? Smbdy plzzzz hlp me yrrr…

    • Hi,

      1. Buy mSpy http://GetmSpy.com

      2. The device that you want to monitor must be compatible with the mSpy software (which is pretty much all kinds of smartphone, iPhone, android phones and Windows Phone). The target phone must also have at least 5 min of Internet access in a day to work. Internet access is needed so that the information gathered from the target phone may be sent to your online account. The target phone must also have Internet access so that you can download the mSpy application to the phone.

      3. Once you have verified that the target phone has Internet access, open your mail from the device (this is the most common procedure to install the application) and follow the prompts to install mSpy. It will take less than 5 minutes and once you are through you can begin monitoring from your end.

  8. Hey guys this is a very awesom job. I lik this video so much and the tips to chatch cheating girlfriend and boyfriend is really wonderfull. It is usefull to all.